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Newsletter Subscription Form

Find customers who want to hear your news and hold on to them. You just need to know who they are and how to get to them in this form.

Newsletter Subscription Form

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Frequently asked questionsFAQ

  • I'd like to subscribe to a paid plan

    Sign into Smore dashboard. Click on your account in the upper right corner and find the 'upgrade plan' button.
    Register your card and start your subscription.

  • I want to redirect people to an external webpage after they submit the form

    In the results section of the editor, you can build your result page. To redirect people to an external webspage, you can add a CTA button or hyperlink an image on the results page. You can also automatically redirect people to a website with 'connect to a link' option.

  • Can I collaborate with other users?

    Signing into the same account simultaneously from multiple devices will block access for all but one device.
    To collaborate, you can send the contents to other accounts.

  • What data does Smore analytics provide?

    Sign in and experience our analytics at

  • Can I preview the content before publishing?

    You can preview everything before publishing.
    Find the preview button shaped like an eye on the upper right corner, or under the publishing section of the editor.

  • Can I embed my content on another website?

    You can embed Smore contents anywhere you want. Embed codes can be copied from the publishing section of the editor.

  • What type of survey questions can I create?

    You can collect short and long text, email addresses, address, numbers, time, links, addresses with built-in data validation.

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